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How to Activate Capture ATP Trial on WAF appliance

To register a CATP trial license on with the view in Contemporary Mode.

Log into the account as user to whom the appliance will be registered.

1. Click on Product Management | My Products

2. Select WAF

3. Click on Licenses

4. Click on TRY

5. To Activate Select the nearest Data Center.

6. Once selected Click on Activate.

7. Login to WAF appliance, Click on System | Licenses

8. Click Synchronize. Once you Click You we be able to see TODO Services need info in order to be enabled.

9. Click on Activate, Upgrade, or Renew services.

10. Click on Enter Info. (Sometimes Datacenter selected under mysonicwall account might not get updated on the device, hence you need to select the data center on the device once again).

11. Select the appropriate Data Center nearest your location.

12. Click on Submit.

Once done the Capture Advanced Threat Protection Trial will be activated.


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