How do I create a PCI Compliance Self Assessment for the WAF?

The purpose of the WAF is to provide Web Application security.  PCI compliance is often a  requirement the WAF is intended to improve.  Before a formal PCI compliance evaluation it is important to conduct a self test to provide guidance for improvements needed.

Web Applicaiton security is important as there are many attack vectors. Confirming minimal standards are being met is critical to avoiding data loss and security failure

It is suggested you regularly re-evaluate your security status.  The built in self evaluation tool is to make this check easier and simpler to conduct.

Login to WAF Appliance

1. Navigate to Web Security | Status

2. Under the headding ‘PCI Compliance’ click on the ‘DOWNLOAD REPORT’ button.

This downloads a PCI Report in a PDF file.It reports your compliance with PCI DSS 6.1/6.2.

Please note:

This is not an official PCI Compliance report.
It’s for your self-assessment only.

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