Linux Core Virtual Appliances

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Linux Core Network Host This part contains Qemu, VirtualBox and VMware images of the Core Linux. Depending on installed extensions,  images can be used used either as a network host or a Layer 3 switch. Thanks to this enhancement Linux Core network host can measure throughput, simulate, capture and filter network traffic. Similarly, the image with installed […]

Standalone VMRC (VM Remote Console) vSphere 5.5 Update 2b

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The VMRC (VM Remote Console) has gone through several transitions from initially being available as a standalone Windows application to an integrated browser based plugin with the release of the vSphere Web Client. In the latest vSphere 5.5 Update 2b release, a new standalone VMRC has been re-introduced to provide an alternative way to launch […]

Enable Support for Nested 64bit & Hyper-V VMs in vSphere 5/5.5

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With the release of vSphere 5/ 5.5, one of the most sought out feature from VMware is the ability to run nested 64bit and Hyper-V guest virtual machines in a virtual ESXi instance. Previous to this, only 32bit virtual machines were supported as the VT-x/AMD-V Hardware Virtualization CPU instructions could not be virtualized and presented […]