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GNS3 Launches Version 2.0

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GNS3 Launches Version 2.0 Version 2.0 is a new major release of GNS3, which brings significant architectural changes and new features to the growing community of over 900,000 registered network professionals. Since inception of the project GNS3 has made over 79 releases and been downloaded over 13,693,000 times. GNS3 started as only a desktop application […]

What are the different network stack models and list all the layers of each model?

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Network Stack Model 1. Physical Layer (Layer 1) : The lowest layer of the OSI reference model is the physical layer. It is responsible for the actual physical connection between the devices. The physical layer contains information in the form of bits. It is responsible for the actual physical connection between the devices. When receiving […]

Alcatel-Lucent vSR-OS in GNS3

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SOURCE: https://community.gns3.com/community/support/forum/blog/2014/12/26/alcatel-lucent-7750-sr-12-simulator-on-gns3 http://www.ciscoz.com/alcatel-lucent-in-gns3/ 1. Download TIMOS-SR-12.0.R6-vm.zip from https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B2pCmTulYG-dVTFsakpfZDFMZE0 2. Extract TIMOS-SR-12.0.R6-vm.zip and put sros-vm.qcow2 into C:\Users\user1\GNS3\Images 3. open GNS3 1.2.1 -click menu Edit/Preferences click QEMU/QEMU VMs click New    Name: Alcatel    Type: Default    click Next    Qemu binary: C:\Program Files\GNS3\qemu-2.1.0\qemu-system-x86_64w.exe    RAM: 1920 MB    click Next    Disk image (hda): C:/Users/user1/GNS3/Images/sros-vm.qcow2    click Finish click QEMU/QEMU VMs click […]

How Does Traceroute Work and Example’s of using traceroute command

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Network administrators and system administrators use this tool most commonly in their day to day activities. Its basically a network diagnostic tool that is very handy. There are three main primary objectives of traceroute tool. These objectives fulfilled by tracroute gives an insight to your network problem. The entire path that a packet travels through […]